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You are currently eligible to enroll in your plan. You may enroll at any time.


  • Click on Log In / Register at the top of this page. Under New User click Register Now.
  • Enter your Social Security number, date of birth, ZIP code and the unique security code you'll see in the appropriate boxes. Click Next.
  • Create a user ID (make sure it includes the listed required characters). Click Next.
  • Create a password (make sure it follows the listed rules). Click Next.
  • Choose a series of security questions and type in your answers. This is an extra measure to verify your identity and protect your account.
  • Enter your home and work email addresses and delivery preference; check the box to enroll in account statement and document e-delivery if you prefer to receive communications, including statements, electronically. Click Submit.
  • When you see the Registration Complete message, click Continue to return to the login screen.
  • You will now have limited access to your account. Look for a letter from us, sent via U.S. mail, that contains a six-digit code. Once you enter this code, you'll gain full access to your account. Until then, the following functions are disabled: personal information, address changes, bank information, payment settings, loans and withdrawals.


Please remember to elect your beneficiary. Naming your beneficiary ensures that, if you should die, your Deferred Compensation Plan for Employees of the County of Westchester Plan assets will go where you want. If you don't have a beneficiary on file with Prudential Retirement®, the plan—or the courts—may have to make that decision for you.
Log in to elect your beneficiary (or beneficiaries) or call to speak with a participant service representative at 877-PRU-2100 (877-778-2100), 8 a.m.–9 p.m. ET.


You may contribute:

  • 0 to 75% of your annual pay before taxes are deducted.
  • In 2019, federal tax law allows you to make pre-tax contributions to your retirement plan up to $19,000. If you will be at least 50 years old in 2019, you are also eligible to make up to an additional $6,000 in pre-tax catch-up contributions per year.
  • You may also elect special catch-up deferrals in one or more of the three consecutive years prior to the year in which you attain normal retirement age under the plan. Please reach out to one of your retirement counselors for assistance with this election.
  • You may change your contribution rate at any time.
  • You may roll over money to your account, in any amount, from another similar retirement plan. Refer to the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for further information.


"Vesting" refers to your ownership of the money in your account. You are always 100% vested in your own contributions.


You may be able to access money in your retirement plan account through a loan, or an unforeseen emergency withdrawal. Please call Prudential's Participant Service Center for more details. Note: Once you take an unforeseeable emergency withdrawal, you will not be able to make contributions to your account for six months.


If your employment with Westchester County ends—due to severance from employment, retirement, permanent disability, or death—you or your beneficiaries may choose to:

  • keep your money in the plan;
  • roll it over to another qualified retirement plan
  • request other forms of payments, as allowed by Westchester County
  • withdraw your money in a lump sum.

Please note that withdrawals and distributions are subject to income taxes and potentially a 10% federal income tax penalty if taken before age 59½.


Deferred Compensation Plan for Employees of The County of Westchester offers a selection of investments. You can decide how you want to invest your money and may move money between investments any time. Please visit the Investments pageopens in new window for a full list of the funds available in your plan.


Morningstar® Retirement Manager, a retirement planning service, offers you two options. The "Managed by Morningstar" option provides an in-plan personalized retirement strategy. Morningstar Investment Management, LLC takes control of your account management and investment allocations. The "Managed by You" option offers a specific point in-time investment recommendation and access to educational resources. You can use this information to help make a more informed decision when managing your account.

Morningstar Retirement Manager is offered by Morningstar Investment Management LLC and is intended for citizens or legal residents of the United States or its territories. The investment advice delivered through Morningstar Retirement Manager is provided by Morningstar Investment Management LLC, a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. The Morningstar name and logo are registered marks of Morningstar, Inc. Investment advice generated by Morningstar Retirement Manager is based on information provided and limited to the investment options available in the defined contribution plan. Projections and other information regarding the likelihood of various retirement income and/or investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual results, and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time. Morningstar Investment Management, LLC is not affiliated with Prudential Financial or any of its affiliates.

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